Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillip's Icon crime comic "Incognito" could soon be rendered decidedly less concealed. 20th Century Fox has picked up the story of Zack Overkill and could potentially propel the tale into a major motion picture franchise.

Deadline New York broke the news last night with official word that Fox has acquired the screen rights to "Incognito." Robert Schenkkan ("The Kentucky Cycle") is tapped to pen the screenplay while Peter Chernin (Chernin Entertainment) and David Engel (Circle of Confusion) will produce the film.

Brubaker's no stranger to Hollywood these days, having attended the "Iron Man 2" premiere this week. His "Angel of Death" series hit the Web last March and he and Phillips' Wildstorm collaboration "Sleeper" has been in development at Warner Bros. since 2008.

Casting info and other details are still a ways away, but it's nice to see two of the duo's three collaborations moving forward in Hollywood. Anyone want to place bets on how long it'll be before "Criminal" finds a studio?
[Via Deadline New York]

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