Comics fans have long liked to talk about how much cheaper single comics used to be back when they started collecting, with older fans wistfully reminiscing about picking up issues for quarters each and '90s readers recalling when they could grab a book for a buck and change. Well, get ready, because $2.99 is about to join price points of yore in the category of "what things used to cost."

According to John Jackson Miller of Comichron,long one of the most authoritative sources when it comes to the numbers of comics, the moment has arrived: $3.99 was the most common price for all single comics in Diamond's Top 300 for March. (That's mode, not average, math fans.)

"It's still close: 130 comic books were priced at $3.99, with 124 priced at $2.99. The intermediary step, $3.50, continues to be bypassed with only 16 comics at that level... It's also possible the most common price might drop back to $2.99 in some later month. But it is a noteworthy moment, right back with the first time most comics were priced at 15¢, 50¢ or a dollar. Four bucks is the new four bits, kids..."

Have you adjusted to the new reality of four dollar singles? Is the rising price point affecting the way you buy comics? Has it left you eyeing the iPad like some pretty young thing at a party right after you've had a fight with your girlfriend? You can tell us.