Charles Schulz explored some pretty depressing thought experiments in his comic strip Peanuts, disguising them with the adorable drawings of Charlie Brown and company. The strip could become as dark as the bleakest Greek tragedy. Consider Lucy pulling the football out of the way of Charlie Brown's kick: After 50 odd years of never kicking the ball, this simple gag more closely resembled the torture of Sisyphus -- doomed to push a rock uphill only to see it roll back down, again and again for all eternity.

Most often, Schultz set up an extraordinarily bleak perspective on the world before twisting it in the final panel with a gag or other realization at his characters' expense. But in the Tumblr blog 3eanuts, that fourth panel disappears, turning Peanuts into the utterly soul-crushing comic strip it was always about to be. Keep reading for more of our favorite 3eanuts.

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