3D is all the rage these days, thanks to James Cameron's blockbuster "Avatar," but movies aren't special -- comics have been using 3D imagery for years (with varying degrees of success).

In Matt Kindt's upcoming graphic novel "Super Spy: The Lost Dossiers" -- a supplement to the excellent, critically-acclaimed "Super Spy" -- there's actually an entire 3D story called "Seven Days" about a week in the life of a lady spy, and we've got an exclusive preview of the whole thing!

You don't event need 3D glasses to see it -- although you can send away to get some from Kindt, as he explains on the last page. You just need to be able to cross your eyes a la those Magic Eye images, and look at the overlapping picture in the middle.

The rest of the "spy activity book" collection, which comes out from Top Shelf in March, will include deleted scenes from the original book, diagrams, keys, codes, and all-new stories spinning off from the critically acclaimed espionage graphic novel. Enjoy!

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