The recently released "Black & White And Character Flawed" by artist Nathan Fox showcases an expansive portfolio of some of the most graphic and sensitive artwork in comics.

The book features an introduction by Matt Fraction, that brings anyone unfamiliar with Fox's body of work up to speed with a memorable (if disturbing) anecdote, and sets the stage for 140 plus pages of equally memorable illustration.

Though the collection culls heavily from Fox's body of comic book work, including pages from "Pigeons From Hell," "DMZ," "Batman: Black and White" and several other titles, it's safe to call it an art book. And despite the artist's interest in 3-D illustration, the contrast of black lines on white paper shows off his work with no less pizazz.

What really sets this collection apart from, say, hardcover or trade paperback "extras" is the full evolution from sketch to inked page that's rarely seen outside of an artists' studio.

If you'd like to take a deeper look inside Fox's latest five years of work, check out the book's online home.