Comic book scripts are typically meant to translate to the page and not to the stage, but that didn't stop the Plays and Players actors of Philadelphia from bringing "Green Lantern" #13 (Vol. 2) to life in their the "Super Heroes Who Are Super" theatrical series.

The 1962 Silver Age tale features a classic case of the Superhero Misunderstanding, wherein otherwise friendly superheroes accidentally end up battling each other for strange and contrived reasons. Here, Green Lantern and the Flash find themselves facing off after a day spending a

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day at the beach together in their civilian identities, a battle that for some reason involves Green Lantern making the Flash's head enormous.

You can check out video clips from the performance after the jump, and the Players are hoping to perform this summer at the DC Fringe, the New York Fringe, the Wilmington (Delaware) Fringe, and the Philadelphia Fringe as Save The Day Productions.

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