As if the recently announced "Captain America: Super Soldier" and the drool worthy "Marvel vs. Capcom 3" video games weren't enough to look forward to, it appears that Marvel has another game in the pipeline - a game that's quite honestly destined for X-Men lovers.A short and sweet press release issued by Activision brings word of "X-Men: Destiny," an enigmatic new video game written by "X-Men: Legacy" comic book scribe Mike Carey. Little is known about the game at this time, except that it "casts players as new mutant recruits in a rich, branching storyline that features a deep element of choice and gives players ultimate control of their destiny." From the sound of it, I'm guessing that you'll play as brand new, possibly customizable characters, rather than old staples like Wolverine or Cyclops.

Further details on the game are slated to be revealed at the Marvel Games Panel on Saturday, October 9 at 10:45 AM at this weekend's New York Comic Con. An official website is currently online as is a Facebook page.

Although X-Men characters never go long without a video game appearance, aside from Wolverine's numerous outings the team hasn't had its own standalone title since the 2006 movie adaptation of "X2," "X-Men: The Official Game," which wasn't universally loved to say the least. With any luck "Destiny" will give the team some gaming redemption.

via Robot 6