Given all the shakeups inside the Bat-Verse lately, there haven't been many cute or cozy moments for the characters to enjoy. Super Punch fills the void with a link to artist Jen Zee's adorable painting of Robin sharing a flower with Batgirl.

The best part of the "Batkids" piece stems from its inherent irony, since most readers remember that particular incarnation of Batgirl tried to kill Robin on numerous occasions. Of course, they rekindled their friendship soon after.

Now that Tim Drake is Red Robin, Bruce Wayne's evil son is Robin and Drake's ex and former Spoiler, Stephanie Brown has donned the Batgirl mantle (that's a lot of costumed transitions), there's a question of what Cassandra Cain will get up to. Zee herself, is hoping for the best.

"I really hope DC has something great in mind for Cassandra Cain, because she's been through the poop-blender a hundred times in the last two years or so," Zee wrote on her blog.

I believe I speak for most of you when I point out that the term "poop-blender" is a wonderful thing to read on a Friday.

[Via Robot6]

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