Finn and Jake have been on a crazy ride over the last four issues of BOOM! Studios' Adventure Time series. Courtesy of Eisner-winning series writer Ryan North and visiting artist Jim Rugg, the plucky pair have traversed dark dungeons, confronted mind-body dualism by dying and becoming ghosts, pranked the Ice King, reprogrammed BMO, and been busted by spook hunter Ant-Ghost Princess. Naturally along the way they've made some eminently bad calls that have screwed everything up for basically everybody in the Land of Ooo. Also we saw the Mecha Lumpy Space Princess. Finally, this particular saga comes to an end in issue #27, which BOOM! promises will see the intervention of an "unlikely" ally.

Once described by ComicsAlliance writer Dylan Todd as "too good at comics," Jim Rugg is the creator of critical hits Street Angel or Afrodisiac, and has been meeting and occasionally eclipsing even his own considerably high standards with this run of Adventure Time issues. Synthesizing his clean graphic style with the whimsical models of Pendleton Ward's animated series, Rugg's collaboration with North has been super-expressive, technically on point and just really damn funny.

Adventure Time #29 goes on sale next Wednesday in finer comics shops and digitally, but you can take an exclusive peek at Rugg's final issue right here.



Cover by Mike Holmes


Cover by Luchie
Cover by Mimi Yoon
Carey Pietsch