Since it’s debut on Cartoon Network in 2010 (or as a six minute pilot on the Nicktoons network in 2007, if you want to get really “um, actually” about it), Adventure Time with Finn and Jake has shown us just how much fun a little pig riding a Twinkie a human boy and his talking, shapeshifting dog can have.

The show's mix of Dungeons & Dragons style fantasy escapades, bizarre surrealism, and low-key, dialogue-driven comedy made it an immediate hit with viewers of all ages. It goes without saying that the show's inseparable best friends go on adventures (at a specific time that has been set aside for it, if the title is to be believed), but the show has proven to be about so much more than just adventure.

Sure, there are swords and bad guys and daring deeds and daunting quests, but there are also candy people and talking space clouds and little songs. There are vampires and wizards, but also guitars and penguins. Talking Game Boys and elderly elephants. Sure, it’s after the apocalypse, but that doesn’t mean there can’t also be so many princesses and a rainbow unicorn.

Are there adventures? Absolutely. But what about all the silliness? All the oddballs and eccentric characters? What about all the life lessons and heartbreaking moments? Isn’t that so much more than just “adventure”?

Or maybe that’s being too dismissive of “adventures”, and the whole point of the show is that all the ups and downs, the super fun times and the bummer sad times, are all part of the adventure of life.

Maybe “Adventure Time” is just a lot easier to fit on a t-shirt than “Fun and Swords and Fights and Monsters and Magic and Romance and Friendship and Sadness and Loneliness and the Totality of Life’s Many Experiences Time”. Maybe.

We hope you enjoy this collection of some of the most mathematical Adventure Time artwork around!


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