Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward took to Twitter to announce the first ever videogame based on the show back in March, teasing fans with a few doodles and accompanying details about what they could expect from the title. Today the game's fate got fleshed out even further with an official announcement naming the Nintendo 3DS/DS game, Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?! and setting a release time frame for fall from WayForward and D3Publisher. Players will reportedly control stars Finn and Jake in the game as they adventure through dungeons and collect treasures in pursuit the evil Ice King, who has stolen all the trash in the Land of Ooo to build his very own "Garbage Princess." Yes, it seems the dude has finally lost it.Reiterating Ward's initial announcement, the game's official press release states that the AT creator is working with WayForward to design a new storyline and quests for the game.

"Adventure Time fans have been asking for a video game to complement the series for some time, and we are working directly with Pendelton Ward, who has an amazing vision for the game," said Peter Andrew, vice president of product development, D3P in an official press release. "Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?! will be a fan's golden ticket into the elusive Adventure Time universe and will capture the random fun and adventure we all love about the series."

Take a look at the game's pending 3DS and DS box art, along with concept sketches by Ward below:

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