It is no exaggeration whatsoever to say that Cartoon Network's Adventure Time and Regular Show are two of the best shows on television. They're innovative, hilarious, charming, and frequently pretty bizarre, and two recent promos for the shows have done their best to capture that feeling, and they've done it pretty perfectly. The twist? The promos are live-action.

And they are fantastic. Check out the costumed battle of Adventure Time and the surreal music video for Regular Show after the cut!

Judging by his dedication to sewing a costume for an adorable pug, the Adventure Time promo stars what appears to be a young Caleb Goellner. I really love how they manage to capture the agonizing wait for something you've ordered to arrive in the mail in such a short spot, which is familiar to any kid who's ever sent off for something that required a dreaded "six to eight weeks" for delivery.

But just as familiar to a kid is that feeling that you could shoulderblock your way through a wall and wind up in a world of danger and excitement. It's a pretty good summary of the attitude that makes the show itself so fun, with the added bonus of finally getting to see BMO take on the Lich King. That's something we've all been demanding.

But while the Adventure Time promo is good, the Regular Show spot is amazing.

Created to celebrate Regular Show getting to one million fans on Facebook, the video for "Party Tonight" is one of the raddest things I have ever seen. It is, without question, my new jam. And what's really interesting -- aside from the fact that it features lines like "the prize in my eyes is ten times the surprise in your eyes as I kiss you goodnight" -- is how they've chosen to show the characters in a live-action form.

Unlike the Adventure Time promo, which pretty much translates the characters directly into costume form, "Party Tonight" opts to mash up Regular Show's cast with the sort of things you'd see in a music video from fifteen years before the target audience was born. Thus, Mordecai and Margaret, two birds, become an amazing combination of their original forms and Adam Ant, giving us something that is somehow even more true to the show than it would've been if they looked exactly like their animated counterparts.

Well, except for Muscle Man. That poor guy looks exactly like he does on the show.