Jazwares played most of its Adventure Time toy plans close to the chest its Comic-Con visit last month, but the company has finally unveiled its initial offerings coming to stores this fall. Fans will have access to a number of the show's characters in 2, 5, 10 and even 20-inch scales, although the stars of the Cartoon Network series, Jake the dog and Finn the human will get most of the spotlight. Among the larger toys' action features are stretchy arms (to recreate the show's noodly look), changing faces, voice chips and more. Cosplayers will even have access to a 24" Finn Sword. There will also be an assortment of "Grow Your Own" characters that expand more than 500 percent when immersed in water, although no photos are available yet. Check out the full line of Jazwares' Adventure Time toys after the jump.

Adventure Time 2-Inch Collectible Packs:

Adventure Time 5-Inch Action Figure Assortment:

Adventure Time 10-Inch Super Poseable Finn with Changing Faces:

Adventure Time 20-Inch Slamacows:

Adventure Time 24-Inch Finn Sword:

[Via Toynewsi]