It's no secret that superheroines like Wonder Woman are often considered sex symbols, but the fetish for skimpy spandex costumes is moving off the comic rack and into the undergarments section, thanks to a new line of ladies' lingerie called "New World Order" from the company Agent Provocateur.

The different styles have names like Crystalina, Hornette, Pantheria, Magnette, and, uh -- Debbie? Methinks "Debbie" doesn't totally grasp this whole "secret identity" thing.

They're obviously selling the fantasy of the super-strong, super-sexy woman, but it's hard for me to tell whether they're marketing it as a male fetish object, or an empowering roleplay identity for women. Or both? Regardless, I think Agent Provocateur owes a huge creative debt to the comic book companies for the countless superheroine outfits that are already defacto lingerie.

(via Asylum)