I love Halloween, but if we're going to be honest with each other -- and I think that's important if we're going to remain America's Most Beloved Comic Book News And Opinion Website™ -- then I'll have to admit that my favorite thing about October is seeing Christmas decorations pop up in stores. Yes, friends, I Am That Guy, and it's all I can do to keep from blasting Christmas songs year round. So really, it's the one time of the year that I really appreciate that the comics industry tends to operate on a schedule of planning things out three months in advance.

As a result, I'm already pretty excited about seeing what Alex De Campi and R.M. Guéra are cooking up in the pages of Grindhouse: Drive In, Bleed Out #1, which drops in December with a story set on Christmas Eve. But don't worry -- if you happen to be one of the people still in the mindset of Halloween, this is still a comic that is described in the solicitation text as "a brutal holiday tale of revenge and supernatural terror in the driven snow!" And they're not kidding, either: there's even a terrifying clown. Check out a preview of "Slay Ride" below!









Final order cutoff for the book is Monday, October 20, so let your retailer know if you want to read more!