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Not satisfied with impersonating Sarah Palin on Facebook, Los Angeles based writer and director Alex Grossman has found a new project to entertain us: Lyingtomykids.com

So what's the first thing Alex lied to his kids about? Their origin. Specifically: That they're from the planet Krypton.Alex tells us, "I went with Krypton for the first episode because we've been watching Superman I and II a lot lately. I'm a big fan of superhero movies and comics, but haven't spent as much time with the latter. Although I did love Daredevil as a kid. I think my mom still has the one where he fights Spider-Man. Would love to find it."

The first edition of Lyingtomykids.com debuted on the Web on October 18, and it's already become a bit of a viral sensation appearing on Buzzfeed.com and spreading from there. BuzzFeed works as a "snapshot of the real time web in real-time" according to Wikipedia and memes often hit BuzzFeed before spreading to the larger aggregators and blogs like ours.

Describing the response, Alex said "Response has been crazy. I posted it to my Facebook page and it took on a life of its own from there. Growth has been totally organic and totally surprising. I had no idea if this would be funny to just our family and friends or if other people would get a kick out of it."

So how did Lyingtomykids.com come about? "My wife left me alone with the kids for the weekend. They're 3 and 5 and funny as sh*t in their own right. My mother-in-law often complains I'm going to make them crazy with the stories I tell them. She's probably right, so I decided to document in case they need a good criminal attorney one day."

Although you're not likely to see another superhero-themed edition of LyingToMyKids, you can find the first, and very funny, edition here: