At Wondercon today, DC Comics announced that the long-delayed All-Star Batman and Robin is officially over -- but that the story will continue in a new series titled "Dark Knight: Boy Wonder." And rather than the All-Star universe, it will take place in the universe of "Dark Knight Returns," "Dark Knight Strikes Again" and "Batman: Year One." More details on from DC:

"The first Chapter of the story of how Batman and Robin came to be has been told in issues 1-10 of ALL STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN," said ALL STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN artist Jim Lee. "Frank and I sat down just recently to have a long talk about how best to finish this very 'deadline challenged' project and give the loyal fans the second part of this epic storyline they have been patiently waiting for. Moreover, we wanted fans to know that this story is part of the overall Batman mythos and DARK KNIGHT RETURNS universe which Frank [Miller] started back in 1986."

Out of this meeting came the decision to rebrand the series DARK KNIGHT: BOY WONDER. It will fit into the library of Frank Miller Batman titles: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, BATMAN: YEAR ONE and THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN."

The good news is that they're guaranteeing that all remaining six issues of the story will ship on time. The bad news? It won't be happening til February 2011. But still, look at that art.