As self-described obnoxiously huge fan of comics about badasses slaying pirates in fantasy realms replete with ghosts (I promise, I've described myself precisely that way at least twice), I was pretty stoked to see Dark Horse Comics would be kicking off a new ongoing Amala's Blade series by recollecting the initial AB shorts by Steve Horton and artist Michael Dialynas that ran in Dark Horse Presents earlier this year. Set for a February 27 release, Amala's Blade #0 will collect these DHP contents into one complete 24-page story, plus pack in a preview of Amala's continued adventures, which kick off in a four-issue miniseries in April. If you haven't sampled the story in DHP yet, now's a solid time to see why it scratches my itch for high adventure on the high seas with kinetic and vividly-colored art.From Dark Horse Comics' official solicitation info:

A behemoth pirate ship is captained by a pirate with a fat price on his head. And out for that head is Amala, Naamaron's greatest swordfighter (according to Amala). The odds are against her, but that's the fun . . . if only the ghosts of Amala's past would shut up and get out of the way!

You can read the first four pages from Amala's Blade #0 below.

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