Fans have gotten to see Spidey swing around and punch on a few bug-lookin' robots in Activision and Beenox's short trailers and concept art from this summer's The Amazing Spider-Man movie videogame, but today's reveal of the first in-game screen shot of the game gives a little more insight into what players will be seeing when the free-roaming action title arrives in stores. It may be a little early to predict much about the game based on one image, but anybody who played the almost resoundingly negatively received Spider-Man 3 tie-in can conclude that this release will be so, so much better. Just look at those colors!Though the game promises to take players inside buildings and underground, the Mirror's Edge-like color palette in this image makes me feel like I'd be content just swinging from building to building. With any luck, future images will be similarly eye-catching.

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The Amazing Spider-Man videogame trailer:

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