The relaunch of Marvel's Spider-Man film franchise with The Amazing Spider-Man won't hit theaters until July, but for those of you hungry for details about the movie, we have some good news. This week, the toys based on the movie have been revealed thanks to Idle Hands, and along with them, interesting details about what's going to happen in the movie! And I don't know about you guys, but I was definitely not expecting this film to be entirely based around Spider-Man chasing the lizard on an ATV.

Check out a few of the other toys below, but watch out for spoilers!Of course, it's not too shocking, considering that off-road vehicles have a long and proud history in the Spider-Man franchise...

...but I'm glad to see that director Marc Webb is going with one of the deeper cuts of the Spider-Mythos rather than just sticking with the basics of an origin story. And when you think about it, when you're planning a big-budget 3D blockbuster, giving the Lizard his own ATV -- possibly a regular quadbike that was genetically modified in order to regrow a missing tire -- just makes sense.

The submarine scenes, however, might be pushing it.

I'm all for making changes to the source material if it fits what you're trying to accomplish on the screen, but if Spider-Man has the resources to construct his own nuclear submarine, that might be taking away the crucial underdog aspect of Peter Parker's life. Then again, the reactor would be a clever explanation for where the radioactive spider comes from, and there's always the chance that he got it on the cheap by buying secondhand from P.N. Gwinn.

Spidey's love of vehicular combat is also highlighted in the constructable Mega Bloks sets, which undoubtedly recreate actual scenes from the upcoming movie. I'll admit that there hasn't been much about Amazing Spider-Man that's really impressed me so far, but the knowledge that I'll be heading into the theater to watch Spider-Man crash his hatchback into the Lizard's laser-blasting mecha suit?

That is some pretty exciting stuff!

It's the "Oscorp Tower FX Battle" set that really caught my eye with a clue to the movie's plot that was actually pretty interesting:

Specifically, the presence of the helicopter-flying "SWAT Lizard." If the toys are as much of an accurate representation of the film as people are saying, this could be a pretty big clue that Spider-Man's going to be fighting multiple versions of the Lizard, rather than just Curt Connors? As someone who's never been a big fan of the Lizard -- he's somewhere below Banjo the Radioactive Hillbilly on the list of Spidey villains I'm interested in reading more about -- I have to admit that's a pretty interesting twist on the established formula of the character that we definitely haven't seen a hundred times in the comics.

Sure, it seems like a pretty unlikely twist, but in a movie where Spider-Man's apparently ditching his signature web-slinging in favor of getting around New York in a faster, more furious ride...

...all bets are off.

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