Since the debut of what appeared to be free-roaming gameplay footage from Activision's upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man movie videogame tie-in at New York Comic Con, fans have been wondering where the release would fit in with the film's storyline. After all, where would Spider-Man find the time to fight a giant mechanical bug between bouts with the Lizard and sweet smooching times with his girl Gwen Stacy? In anticipation of the release of a closer look at the game on Spike TV's VGA's this weekend, Marvel has released a new piece of concept art showcasing Spidey facing yet another mechanized menace (perhaps a Spider-Slayer?). What's more, Marvel has confirmed that the game will serve as an epilogue to the film "occurring entirely after the events of the movie." The game also officially marks the return of free-roaming gameplay, as opposed to the more channeled action found in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and Spider-Man: Edge of Time.Judging from the three pieces of concept art we've seen so far and today's news, it looks like Peter Parker will be swinging everywhere from Oscorp offices to apartments to subway tunnels.

"The Amazing Spider-Man" is in development at veteran game studio Beenox, and features an original narrative crafted by Hollywood writer Seamus Kevin Fahey (episodes of "Spartacus: Gods of the Arena" and the re-imagined "Battlestar Galactica") that continues young Peter Parker's adventures following the events of the new film. Using the game's new Web Rush mechanic allows players to pull off a vast array of moves never before possible. With a story that takes players through many areas all over--and under--Manhattan, fans will feel what it's truly like to be a super hero, as they experience the cinematic adrenaline rush of web-swinging through the city and fighting crime using Spider-Man's spectacular acrobatic moves and attacks.

See a new piece of concept art from The Amazing Spider-Man videogame teaser, plus a teaser for the game's new footage to be screen at Spike TV's Video Game Awards this Sunday below:

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[Via Marvel]

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