One of the best things about Cartoon Network's DC Nation block is that it's been able to throw a spotlight on some of DC's lesser-known characters -- and in some cases, it's reinvented them for a new audience. The best example? Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld, in which Dan Mishkin, Gary Cohn and Ernie Colon's sword-and-sorcery heroine has been transformed into the story of a young girl who gets sucked into her favorite video game, full of smart references to Legend of Zelda, RPG clichés and the occasional sentient tree. It's like Captain N, except, you know, good.

Check out a clip from this Saturday's installment, in which Amethyst faces the menace of... the undead below!

Of all the amazing things about Animated Amethyst, I think my favorite might be the way that they represent her inventory, in true video game "hip pouch that can hold everything you find" fashion. C'mon guys, what do we have to do to get a full series out of this already?

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