Sure, seeing beloved characters visually reduced to pixelated Nintendo Entertainment System homages is cool, but some artists out there take their quests even further in their portraiture oeuvres and push their limits to to near Atari 2600 levels to see how low-res they can really go. Andy Rash is one of them, and he's taken on Ghostbusters, Star Wars and various Beatles eras over the course of an ongoing series of tiny posts he refers to as "Iotacons."

Rash is a super-talented writer and illustrator whose work has appeared in books such as Ten Little Zombies: A Love Story and Superhero School, but the siren call of pixel art drove him to create an entire blog dedicated to Iotacons.

His achievements there are rather astonishing, particularly when he handles black and white subjects like The Addams Family or Stormtroopers, though his colorful renditions of Slimer and The Flintstones are likewise quite vibrant considering the small number of blocks he needs to depict them. Scope out a few of our favorites below.