Aquaman is doing pretty all right these days, mostly because he is no longer dead thanks to some day that is bright or something, but you know what's even better than coming back to life? Having a comic made about you by Kate Beaton.

The Sea King was a recent discovery for the much-beloved "Hark! A Vagrant" creator, who drew the hook-handed guardian of the seas fiercely defending his kingdom from a little tiny girl. As Beaton explained:

As new as I am to learning about superheroes, everything that is well known to everyone else - like the fact that Aquaman is regarded as kind of lame - is new and hilarious. I read a bit about Aquaman growing a beard and having a harpoon hand and living in a cave and talking to spirits or something, and thought, how can anyone not like this guy? This crazy dude living under the water. Anyway that is the only version of Aquaman that I am really into.
Also! If you happen to be in Portland -- which the ComicsAlliance editorial staff is because we live here -- you can see Kate Beaton this weekend at the Stumptown Comics Festival, which we'll be covering thoroughly over the next couple days! Fun fact: April is actually Portland Comics Month thanks to our comics-friendly mayor Sam Adams, because our city actually loves comics so much that we can't help but have official celebrations. Or as they say on the twitters, #pdxlovescomics.

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