The Silver Age, particularly at DC Comics, was a strange world all its own. Suddenly changing size, meeting your doppelganger, aliens invading and making you perform in a circus of some kind — these are only some of the situations that Silver Age heroes faced on a daily basis. The major threats weren't even supervillains. It was just the pervasive weirdness of the world as a whole that made life difficult.

And of course things were all the stranger for Aquaman. Living under the ocean, surrounded by sea life, and in an era when accurate science was even less of a priority for comic book storytelling, basically anything could happen to Aquaman as long as it involved water. He started a jail for fish, but he also started a school for fish. He met Neptune and Noah, and at least two clowns with his powers. He fought mechanical whales and sharks with human faces.

This gallery includes material from Adventure Comics, as well as Aquaman's own 1960s title. DC didn't include creator credits in its Silver Age comics, but we know for sure that this gallery contains work by Robert Bernstein, Ramona Fradon, Nick Cardy, and Jack Miller, among others.


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