If you're an avid Arrow viewer, then you'll remember how Amanda Waller (played by Cynthia Addai-Robinson) approached Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White) a few weeks ago and asked him to be part of her new unit (which is really "more of a squad").

Well, the makeup of that Suicide Squad has been revealed in some new photos posted to CBR. The members appear to be (from left to right): Bronze Tiger, mad bomber Shrapnel (Sean Maher), Waller, and Deadshot (Michael Rowe). Also present are A.R.G.U.S. agent Lyla Michaels/Harbinger (Audrey Marie Anderson) and, surprisingly, none other than Team Arrow member John Diggle (David Ramsey).

Dig's inclusion in one of the team photos is a real shock, considering that Deadshot killed his brother and all. Apparently, the March 19 episode which sees the team's debut will include flashbacks from Dig's perspective about his time as a soldier in Afghanistan. Last time viewers saw Diggle and Deadshot together, the two reached something of a detente when Deadshot revealed there was a higher power behind Dig's brother Andy's death.

Arrow has been on something of a break during the Winter Olympics, but it will return to The CW next week with a new episode. In the meantime, here's another photo of your televised, Captain Boomerangless, mustache-free Suicide Squad.



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