Yesterday MSNBC gave viewers a look at some new photos of an alleged underwater city beneath the Caribbean, which could potentially be the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. You know, Namor and Aquaman's 'hood?

Personally, I'm not convinced.

The photos come from the French newspaper Herald de Paris, which basically has nothing to report, but seems to really, really like blurry photos.

", so there's these archaeologists who wish to remain anonymous, right? And they, like, gave us a bunch of satellite images that look like circuit boards that've been run through a few Photoshop filters without giving us their location aside from the fact that its somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. They're seriously scientists, guys -- they want money for an expedition and everything!"

The photos supposedly contain images of ancient pyramids, among other structures. Maybe Aquaman's seahorse stables? Namor's Palace of Love? Join me in my limitless conjecture. It's as valid as anything else that's been reported so far.

Let's all just start calling it "Hotlantis," eh?

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