When we talk about blockbuster movies with enormous casts, we often spend our time talking about the directors or the screenwriters or the VFX department, all of those people who help give the movie its distinct look and feel. But today I raise my glass to the behind-the-scenes administrators who help put together the budgets and shooting schedules. It can’t exactly be easy to bring together two dozen of the world’s most popular actors for one giant superhero brawl, but that is exactly what a few hard-working Marvel employees in Los Angeles are currently doing for Avengers: Infinity War.

Of course, not everything works out the way you want it to. Earlier this week, Page Six (via Heroic Hollywood) ran a quick note on actor Aaron Lazar, a television and Broadway actor who will be acting as the body double for Benedict Cumberbatch on the set of Avengers: Infinity War. According to the article, Cumberbatch’s other film commitment will prevent him from participating in the entirety of the film’s regular shoot; Lazar will be his stand-in throughout filming and Cumberbatch will join the Marvel production for re-shoots after his other commitments have concluded.

If I were a different kind of pundit, now is probably the time where I point out that Cumberbatch was the most lifeless part of Doctor Strange and that I’d love to see what a young, hungry actor like Aaron Lazar could do when suddenly thrust into the superhero spotlight, but I’m not that kind of pundit. Instead, I’ll simply bookmark this article for when the Avengers: Infinity War re-shoots are announced and everyone who forgot that Cumberbatch was unavailable during principle photography wonders if it means that the film is In Trouble.

As for Lazar? “That’s me,” Aaron Lazar will tell his grandchildren as they watch the Turner Movie Classics broadcast of Avengers: Infinity War, explaining that they can only see Grandpa Lazar wearing the Cloak of Levitation when the character’s back is turned to the camera. To illustrate this point, Lazar will pause the movie during one of the more frenetic action sequences and flip back and forth between a superhero group shot and a close-up of Benedict Cumberbatch’s face. “Me. Not me. Me. Not me.” And so it was that the Lazar children were schoolyard legends, at least for a few days.

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