As team shows go, Marvel and Disney XD's The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes already had a pretty beefy lineup in its inaugural season. If the network's latest teaser image from an unspecified episode of the show's upcoming sophomore season is anything to go off, those numbers could potentially skyrocket. In addition to a team that consisted Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Wasp, Ant-Man/Giant Man, Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Panther, the new promo shows off scads of heroes who will be allies -- or possibly honorary or full members -- of the team as they have in the comics over the years. But what's up with Spidey, Iron Fist and Luke Cage? Are these the heroes they're destined to become following their adventures as teens in Ultimate Spider-Man? I'm pretty sure they're just from this show's separate continuity, but we'll have to wait until the new episodes kick off on April 1 to know for certain. See a larger version of the image after the cut.

Those who took in the first season's surprise ending know that there are many reasons (well, one BIG one) to be skeptical of this season 2 image. Not everything could be as it seems. Doc Samson and Ms. Marvel, along with the Fantastic Four, who were seen in a screening of the EMH episode "Doctor Doom's Private War" at Comic-Con, all seem accounted for. Fans also got a peek at Vision and a Red Hulk (who isn't in this image) not too long ago in an EMH trailer. But Winter Soldier? That's a nice surprise. Still, I'm a little bummed D-Man isn't in this image...

See what you make of the group shot below and feel free to speculate to your heart's content in the comments.

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