Just how bad-ass is the Black Widow? As this first officially-released clip from the summer's most eagerly-anticipated comic movie demonstrates, enough to demonstrate the kind of action, dialogue and excitement you can expect from Marvel's The Avengers movie in less than one minute - not to mention make you think that Scarlett Johanssen is actually much cooler than you'd been giving her credit for all this time.

We've seen some of this scene before in an earlier trailer for The Avengers, but the real sell here for me is the dialogue before everything starts kicking off; Johansson's delivery of what feels like trademark Whedon dialogue immediately makes the Widow more likable than the entirety of her Iron Man 2 appearances while also making her seem like someone who could easily hold her own against the likes of Captain America or Tony Stark. Now, if only we could get one of these for Hawkeye sometime soon, so that we could know that there's more to that particular character than standing around, thinking about shooting Thor with an arrow before deciding against it or not...

Marvel's The Avengers opens in the U.S. on May 4.

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