It's not always easy to be a superhero. You almost never get credit for saving the world (even when you do it over and over), the local papers call you a public menace, and in general, you risk your life every day for a world that fears and distrusts you.

But such is the burden of (super)power, and the men and women who are gifted with these abilities must nonetheless soldier on, despite the heckling of haters like J. Jonah Jameson, Lex Luthor, and now, Ms. Eiesland.

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Yes, young Anthony may have received a demerit of -10 character points for "disrupting class by standing, unbuttoning his shirt to reveal a Super man [sic] t shirt and announcing he was Superman," but he will have to be quietly content with knowing that he gets a thousand awesome points for being awesome. Up, up, and away, young man.

(Via Twyst)