We're used to seeing Batman as the dark defender of justice, whose very name strikes fear in the hearts of criminals. Reaching back to the Burt Ward and Adam West era, we get a look that we don't often see on even that campiest Caped Crusader: cowardice. Artist Roberto Salvador amps up the cartoonish comedy of the fleeing Dynamic Duo with a series of animated gifs imagining all the things Batman and Robin are running from. Read more Batman vs. Godzilla, Batman vs. T-1000 and Batman by Batmanwest.
Salvador has set up the Tumblr Batman Running Away From Sh*t to hold all of his crazy caped gifs, and he's now taking submissions. If you'd like to make your own, you can download the naked Batman and Robin gif (sans background, not sans clothes), and insert your own Bat-foe.

Up top, straight from the DirectTV ad of your nightmares, Dracula, Freddy Krueger, Darth Vader and Jason Vorhees look more like they're following the Yellow Brick Road than hellbent on murder, but Batman knows that you should always steer clear of themed villains, even when they're skipping through a meadow.
Batman running away from Godzilla, obviously looking for the right spot to fire his grappling hook so he can swing back and knock that nuclear monster in the eyeballs.
This T-1000 was sent back in time because the machines knew that only Batman could prevent the construction of Skynet.
Just to clarify, Batman and Robin aren't actually running away from the wildebeests. They're stampeding.
No man can kill the Witch-King of the Nazgul. Batman's just leading them to a sufficiently well armed woman.
That was the last time Batman watched The Big Lebowski before heading out to fight the Scarecrow.
To be fair, this is a regular occurrence for Batman since, in general, he knows too much.
Again, not so much running away from something as running toward something. Real men blow up the Death Star by hand.
Batman never found the Velociraptors all that clever. But he knows that a herd of fleeing Gallimimus is never a good sign.
Batman and Robin are in a hurry to kill themselves some vampires, after they deliver the Gecko brothers to the proper authorities.
And, for something a bit more classic, Batman and Robin hightailing it from the Joker. Although I have a hard time picturing them running so hurriedly from Cesar Romero. (Then again, this Joker would hardly need to ask Adam West "Why so serious?")

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