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Grant Morrison may be tearing it up on "Batman and Robin" of late, but there's one villain that may be too weird for even the writer of "Final Crisis." His name? Rudolph the Red-Nosed Hitman.

Back in 1977 Batman and Robin faced down one of their weirdest villains of all time in DC Comics and Peter Pan's "Exciting Christmas Stories" LP.

The story is pretty straightforward. Batman and Robin are on their way to a Gotham mission in the spirit of the season when Bats gets a phone call from a mysterious voice delivering an ominous singing telegram. Unfazed (or more likely oblivious), the dynamic duo heads downtown where they're confronted by that same voice - that of Rudy Snow A.K.A. "Rudy the Red-Nosed Hitman."

Though the record also featured Superman and Wonder Woman's holiday adventures, it's worth noting that neither of them faced down a holiday-themed hitman who got his jollies spoofing carol classics. "We wish you a deadly Christmas and no more new years?" Dude was a musical giant with a tragic penchant for killing! If only we knew what he looked like...

Spoiling the ending for you would be most unbecoming of me, so I strongly advise you to experience this wacky tale yourself after the jump.

Oh Rudy.