It looks like Batman: Arkham City players will be able to take their playable protagonist home for the holidays this year, in a manner of speaking. According to the official Arkham City Twitter feed, new Batcave downloadable content will be available for the game on December 20. For those who didn't get their hands on Jokers Carnival and the Iceberg Lounge challenge maps with various initial versions of Arkham City, they'll be available on that date as well.Though the Tweet isn't super clear, the Batcave DLC seems like it will manifest as a playable challenge map and come bundled with the other two maps in question. There's no pricing info available just yet, but who can really put a price tag on a giant cavernous crime lab full of Bat-themed vehicles?

As for what the Batcave will look like, it's still a mystery.There's a pretty decent chance it might look something like the Batcave presented, however briefly, in DC's Batman: Arkham City comic book prelude series (specifically #1 and #5), though.

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