According to Kotaku, the highly anticipated sequel to last year's "Batman: Arkham Asylum" finally has a name and release date: "Batman: Arkham City" is slated to hit shelves in the fall of 2011.

As the cover to the new issue of "GameInformer" shows, the new game looks like it'll be following up on some of the plot threads included in "Arkham Asylum," like warden Quincy Sharp's mayoral campaign. The title apparently refers to a new super-prison located in the heart of Gotham City (which seems like a phenomenally bad idea on the part of the city planners) that looks to give the game the feel of "Escape From New York," but starring Batman.

And that sounds awesome.The biggest things about the new "GameInformer" cover, though, are the reveals of Catwoman (seen above in a healthy amount of bondage) and Two-Face (on the poster in the background). That makes a lot of sense: Of the major Batman villains, only those two and the Penguin were completely absent in "Arkham Asylum," with other big guns like Ra's al-Ghul only hinted at.

As for the rest of what'll be included, that's still up in the air, but if I had to guess, I'd say that you were going to get a bigger environment, that ComicsAlliance favorite Batman villain the KGBeast will be sadly absent, and that -- as CA contributor David Uzumeri pointed out on Twitter -- moving the game to a more outdoor environment will at least provide some kind of reason for the gargoyles strewn all over the place.