Just weeks away from its July 19 premiere in Manchester, the Batman Live stage show has finally revealed its version of the Caped Crusader's sweet ride, the Batmobile. It's not that we were worried. This production has impressed us with its stylish sets, cool (if shiny) costumes and an overall tone that seems suitably inspired by Batman's comic book lore. Thanks to a video report from First Newspaper, you can now get a close look at the Batmobile's recent London unveiling. So far it seems right at home with the rest of the stage show. And just in case you were wondering? Yes, its totally got a sweet afterburner.The live stage show Batmobile design stands somewhere between the extreme campiness and theoretical realism of its pop culture kin. Noticeably absent are any bulky bat wings or exposed engine chunks sported by the movie Batmobiles of '80s and '90s. The formula one style race car even stands on its own when compared to the military style vehicles seen in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Its LED-laden hubcabs are really the only ostentatious feature to be found on the somewhat minimalist matte-black vehicle, but they're darn considerate if you ask me. You probably wouldn't even be able to see this stealthy ride on stage without them.

See the Batman Live Batmobile up close and personal below:

[Via Superhero Hype]