While out seeking some attention for his new iPhone game Age of Monsters: Rock Paper Scissors last week, artist Jeff Matsuda braved the open-forum interview realm of Reddit's IAmA's to offer up free Batman-related sketches to anyone with a request. Matsuda, who served as a producer and creative director on The Batman, made it to Reddit's front page with his proposal, and the artwork he produced as a result is truly inspirational.From a Breaking Bad mashup to high fives with Spock and several instances of Batman mounting different animals, Matsuda delivered enough potential story material to keep DC Comics busy for years to come if they were interested.

Just imagine for a moment the tales that could be told in the new DCU if the Caped Crusader took to riding dinosaurs and honey badgers on the streets of Gotham. Catch a glimpse of these and other wonders below:

[Via Reddit]