Batman's various animated incarnations have yielded their share of 2-D beat-em-ups. Some have been fun, some remain...much, much less fun. That trend could be changing for the better, however, if new in-game footage from WB Games and Wayforward is any indication.

"Batman: The Brave and the Bold the Videogame" has Wii-based gameplay that's decidedly more "The Adventures of Batman & Robin" than "Arkham Asylum," featuring two players brawling across various 2-D planes in a fluid animated style straight from its Cartoon Network source material. Thanks to the cameo-infused nature of the cartoon, however, Batman will have an almost JLA-like roster of heroes to team up with, rather than just Robin (as in most previous outings).

The only real bummer is that the latest preview of the game doesn't show off Bat-Mite on the Wii or any of the Nintendo DS action. To tide yourself over awaiting the title's fall releases on either device and the meatier promos to come, I suggest CN's "Batman: The Brave and the Bold Game Creator."

[Via Kotaku]

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