If you're a "Supernatural" watcher, you already knew that Jensen Ackles was going to set a new bar for animated Bat-villains when "Batman: Under the Red Hood" finally comes out on July 27. And hey, with Mark Hamill retiring as The Joker, someone has to step up and be a guiding light for this generation.

In the latest clip to sneak out ahead of the animated feature's release on DVD, Blu-ray and various digital formats, the Red Hood gives Batman some lip and explains why he's going to do a better job tackling Gotham City's crime problems than the Caped Crusader ever did.

I'll be a nice blogger and not spoil anything here for those who haven't read Judd Winick's original "Under the Hood" arc, but Ackles sounds every bit the character you'd expect this dude to be, and his portfolio of past roles makes the cache that his voice carries all the more perfect.

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