Batman vs. Superman is one of the biggest movies of the year. But, what if the biggest movie of the year actually came out in 1995? Here’s a trailer that answers that question, showing us what a retro Batman vs. Superman would’ve looked like alongside other 1995 box-office champs like Jumanji, Waterworld and Apollo 13.

Let’s just imagine traveling back to 1995 when Blockbuster Video was still a thing and renting a VHS copy of the latest movie and included on that tape was this trailer for Batman vs. Superman. It’s got all the hallmarks of a classic movie trailer: the “In a world…” voiceover, the soundtrack listing and the pan and scan format.

In reality, by 1995 the Batman franchise was winding down at Warner Bros. Tim Burton left the series after a tepid reception to Batman Returns, as he recalls in the Shadows of the Bat documentary:

I remember toying with the idea of doing another one. And I remember going into Warner Bros. and having a meeting. And I’m going, ‘I could do this or we could do that.’ And they go like, ‘Tim, don’t you want to do a smaller movie now? Just something that’s more [you]?’ About half an hour into the meeting, I go, ‘You don’t want me to make another one, do you?’

Burton was replaced by Joel Schumacher who would make the forgettable Batman Forever with Val Kilmer and the infamous Batman & Robin with George Clooney.

But in an alternate universe, we’d have gotten this Batman vs. Superman movie in 1995 and the DC Cinematic Universe would’ve gotten the jumpstart on Marvel.