Since Batman vs. Superman was first announced, many openly wondered how Batman, a dude with no discernible superpowers, would be able to fight Superman, a dude with all the superpowers, without getting completely destroyed rather quickly. Director Zack Snyder knows that’s on your mind and has a very simple answer for how Batman plans to even the playing field: he’s going to cheat.

Snyder spoke to Total Film and said that while Batman may not be able to match up physically with Superman — an alien who can fly, has heat vision, can lift 200 quintillion tons, is as fast as The Flash and is virtually indestructible — he has the upper-hand in one major way.


The advantage that Batman has is the goodness of Superman; the compliance to play fair that Superman has […] Batman knows how to exploit Superman.


So, Batman is the kind of guy who, when in a boxing match, will punch you below the belt. A dick move, but a move that Batman will likely need to use if he wants to defeat Superman. (And, we don’t literally mean Batman will punch Superman below his belt; Superman even has indestructible balls.) We don’t know exactly how Batman will fight dirty, but there have been rumors that he will be supplied with Kryptonite by Lex Luthor and will use it in his armored Bat-suit to be able to keep up. It probably doesn’t hurt that Superman doesn’t want to kill Batman, because if he did, it would be pretty easy. Heat vision to the face would get the job done pretty quickly, head-exploding style.

Of that armored Bat-suit, Snyder previously said, “It’s not enhancing [Batman’s] abilities, it’s protecting him [from Superman] and buying him time.”

If you want to see a little bit more about how Batman plans on taking on Superman, you won’t have to wait much longer. Snyder has also said the final Batman vs. Superman trailer is coming soon, likely with Star Wars: The Force Awakens in December.

Batman vs. Superman opens in theaters on March 25, 2016.


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