If you're like us you've quite literally never wondered what The Dark Knight Returns would be like if it was a French noir film that included the Hugh Jackman version of Wolverine killing Batman at the end. But filmmaker Pierre Desgranges did wonder that, and he thought the idea was so good that he went ahead and filmed it!Called Batman Deliverance, the short film adapts admirably much of the foreboding sense that permeates the The Dark Knight Returns and also approximates the memorably grim inner monologues of the Frank Miller classic. Why Desgranges decided to include Wolverine is a complete mystery, of course, as is why any Batman film would conclude with the hero's death at the hands of an X-Men character. So while Desgranges and Atomic Production should be commended for their visually intriguing take on the Dark Knight, they must be clowned accordingly for breaking the only truly sacred law of comic books: Batman always wins.

[Via Robot 6]