Last week DC announced its controversial line of Watchmen prequels, dubbed Before Watchmen, which will see new creators put their spin on the cast of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' renowned work. The move took many by surprise for a host of reasons, including a lack of involvement from the original creators and Moore's troubled history with DC. Today marked the announcement of what some might consider an even bigger surprise -- the pending release of official Before Watchmen merchandise from DC Direct.

According to The Source, 9" resin statues of The Comedian and Rorschach will debut next week at Toy Fair, with a wide release later in 2012. It's not specified what makes these clearly labeled "Watchmen" statues a specifically Before Watchmen product as they bear little resemblance to the promotional art for their respective titles, but who cares? As pointed out by Dylan Todd, Rorschach's got the swagger of Leo DiCaprio. Haters gonna hate! Or is it haters gonna hurm?

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