Despite the fact that I'm a big fan of a lot of the people involved in creating it, I've never actually seen an episode of Cartoon Network's Ben 10. I am, however, pretty sure that I get the basic idea behind the show. It's about absolutely horrifying children into never sleeping again, right?

At least, that's the impression that I get from ComicsAlliance favorite Eric Canete, who posted a handful of his absolutely incredible designs on his Twitter account this week, explaining that they were "probably never used because it'll scare your childrens." He's right, but the designs are so awesome that they're worth losing a little sleep over. Check out our favorites after the cut!For a lot of his designs, Canete's strategy seems to be to take something people are already afraid of and make it even scarier. Case in point, a hammerhead shark with creepy elongated fingers and toes that somehow has even more teeth than usual:

Or a Pterodactyl with ragged flaps of skin connecting its chest to its spindly arms:

Or a manta ray with seven eyes and those terrifying jagged teeth:

In fact, you might notice that "horrifying teeth" are a running theme, even if they occasionally look a little friendly:

There's also an emphasis on bulbous, pustulesque eyes:

As well as sharp, segmented carapaces:

Things that look like they're going to stab you in the neck:

And... well, whatever's going on with this monstrosity:

Things get a little more wild from there, with Canete going all out with a Rhinocerous centaur (Rhinocentaur?) that, in a stroke of absolute genius, comes complete with scary versions of the hilariously named Oxpecker:

As well as what appears to be a dessicated insect corpse sporting the rarely seen Shoulder Kuato:

And a demonic goat that... Look, I don't even want to know what's going on with its chest, but I've seen enough stray dogs to recognize that it's nothing good:

The all-time champion, though, is this one, which combines the body of a yeti with the legs of a giant spider and then caps it all off with gigantic bulbous protruding eyes:

I rank that one at Ten out of Ten Genuine Shudders. Which I'm guessing was the idea.

For more of Canete's art -- which tends to be somewhat less disturbing but equally fantastic -- check out his website!

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