As much as a good many vocal fans absolutely hate that he'll be playing Batman in the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Ben Affleck seems like a pretty OK guy. He's even, according to a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, taking the hatred more or less in stride.

Here are some highlights from the brief interview published Thursday.

On the fan reaction to his casting:

"Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. I wouldn’t have taken the part if I didn’t trust my instincts in terms of the filmmaking."

"It’s great that people do care that much. They want to see the movie that much. And it is incumbent on you to honor the story."

On screenwriter Chris Terrio and director Zack Snyder:

"I think Chris Terrio wrote a terrific script. Zack’s a great visual director. And there’s an interesting take. I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t think I could do it."

On preparing for the role:

"I can tell you that every time I do a role, it’s the responsibility of an actor to get their physical self as close to the role as possible. And Batman’s obviously got a set of expectations that are tough. So I spent a lot of time working out."

On superhero stories in general:

"There are the Greek myths and these are the American myths. The American myths are these superheroes."

For the full (brief) interview, which hints at the notion that Affleck finds the term "Batfleck" to be pretty funny, head over to