You knew this was coming. Whether you love or hate (and a lot of you seem to hate) the recently announced casting of Ben Affleck as Batman in the upcoming Superman/Batman film from Warner Bros., there is now a t-shirt for you. You know, assuming you need to express that kind of opinion via t-shirt.

Designed by Robinzson and sold on, two shirts are being offered. Each has a Batman '66 style logo, with the Batman: The Dark Horses Rises! shirt, shown above, being for those in the pro-Affleck camp, and the Batman: The Dark Horse shirt having the same design but with a no symbol over it. The shirts run for $24.54 each, meaning you are now less than $25 away from being able to let complete strangers know how passionately you feel about the casting of a movie that is two years away from reaching theaters.





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