Following on the heels of his and Alex Maleev's creator-owned "Scarlet" series for Marvel's Icon imprint, writer Brian Michael Bendis revealed to CBR on Saturday the existence of "Takio," a forthcoming all-ages series with Michael Avon Oeming. The story of contentious superpowered sisters in an adopted family, "Takio" was co-created with Bendis' daughter, Olivia.

"Takio" revolves around a pair of bickering siblings who are forced to try to understand each other and work together when fate bestows upon them the unexpected gift of super powers. "It's the story of a multiracial, adoptive family. There are two sisters who are really getting on each others nerves. They have an overprotective mother who makes them stay together all the time, and they drive each other crazy," Bendis told CBR News. "Accidentally, as it often happens in these things, they get super powers and become the first super heroes in the world. But because their over protective mother would kill them if she finds out, they have to be home by 6 - no matter what."

Bendis said part of the appeal of "Takio" was its thematic similarity to the early days of "Ultimate Spider-Man," which very popularly explored the consequences of newfound superpowers on an adolescent character. The writer hopes the audience for his Marvel superhero book will follow him to the new Icon book, which features Oeming artwork that's an impressive departure from the noir look of "Powers."

With respect to "Powers," Bendis and Oeming's existing Icon series, the writer assured fans that the book will not be derailed by "Takio." He and his collaborator will employ a "Criminal"/"Incognito" approach to production, whereby one book will be worked on and released before work resumes on the other.

"Takio" #1 is scheduled for release in February, 2011.

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