Here's a fun fact for those of you wondering how to get someone interested in your comic: If the story you're telling can accurately be described as "an all-ages version of The Defiant Ones set in outer space," then I am already pretty into it even before I see the first page. As a result, I plan on checking out Benjamin Roman's PACO and Donut pretty much immediately.

The first of five issues went on sale today at Comixology, marking Roman's return to comics with the story of a daring spaceship escape and the unlikely team-up of an alien prisoner and his robot warden --- and that's just the first five pages. Check out a preview below!




According to the Beat, Roman has been working as a concept artist for Gentle Giant, and while he's been out of the comics game for a while, his work on character design has definitely sharpened over the years. Hit that link to see a roster of characters, and marvel at how distinct and visually engaging each one is right from the start --- and how there's at least one gigantic sword involved.

Here's the official description of the first issue:


P.A.C.O. and Donut #1
The Company you keep
After crash landing on a alien planet, Donut an escaped criminal finds himself shackled to a transport robot known as P.A.C.O. (Prisoner. Assist. Courier. Operator).The impact of the landing has corrupted P.A.C.O.'s internal memory. The robot's original correctional officer programming is damaged and replaced with a prisoner profile from its database. Led by Warden Zozo the manhunt for P.A.C.O. and Donut span across an alien planet. Unable to unlock the tether that binds them the duo have no choice but to work together to find a way off before they are taken into custody.


PACO and Donut #1 is available right now through Comixology submit.