It's always nice to have a good news day in the comic book biz -- and DC Comics probably agrees after the rapturous reception to yesterday's announcement of the new direction for Batgirl from the new creative team of Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher, Jordie Bellaire, and new discovery Babs Tarr (who we've been telling you about for aaages).

Judging by all the Batgirl fan-art produced since yesterday's announcement, we feel sure there's a big appetite out there for a Batgirl comic deliberately designed to appeal to a female and family audience -- and for Batgirl's smartly designed and stylish new costume. With credit to Batgirl fan ComixBookGurl for her Twitter call-to-action, we collected all the new Batgirl fan art we could find in order to celebrate what may be the best Batgirl... ever?


Where possible, please visit these artists’ websites to see more of their work, buy their products or commission an original piece.

Sam Logan

Katie Shanahan

Ramon Villalobos


Koi Carreon

Caroline Breault

Aaron Diaz

Dean Trippe

Kate Leth

Dennis Culver


Nellie Klash

Gannon Beck

Irene Koh

Panda Suze

Big K

Paul Duffield

Joe Hunter

MC Nutso

Kiki Jenkins

Romina Jones

Gregory Dickens

Kristafer Anka


Martin Kirby

Matt Nelson

Joel Priddy

Chris Johnson

Patrick Gleason

Carlos Basabe



Ricardo Bessa

Eric Merced


Chris Buckley

MJ Barros


Chandra Free

Ashley McCammon

Brizy Briz

Mariane Gusmão

Mingjue Helen Chen


Isaac Goodheart

Anna Rettberg

Priscilla Tramontano


Jake Castorena

Charles Tan

Mike Maihack 

Royal Dunlap

Yingjue Chen

Emi Lenox

Joel Carroll

Felipe Smith

Jason Horn

JD Benefield

Lucas Rémoussin

Robot Portal

Wyatt the Nerd

Victoria Evans

Anna Rettberg

Kuvshinov Ilya

Sarah Hiraki

Zak Simmonds-Hurn

Ron Chan

Margaux Saltel

Lissy Marlin

Kevin Tut

Tom Bancroft

Mike Norton and Jordie Bellaire

Phillip Sevy

Jake Wakefield

Noreen Rana

Elbert Or

Charlie Roode

Grace Park

Tony Losoya

Simon Gurr


J. Ciolli

Fill Marc Sagadraca

Gavin Guidry

Babs Tarr