The first day of Star Wars Celebration Europe was chock full of incredible people decked out in fantastic costumes, but the cosplay contest held late opening night was a sight to behold. More than two dozen entrants dazzled the crowd and judges with intricate costumes for characters both beloved by all and some known to but a few at first glance. The judges certainly didn't have an easy night, but out in the crowd, it was pure spectacle that we could just enjoy. But the cosplay goodness didn't stop there. If you thought day one was full of amazing handiwork, the folks we encountered on day two upped the ante tremendously.

From the original saga, to The Force Awakens, to the animated shows, comics and beyond, these are the best Star Wars cosplays from day two of Star Wars Celebration.

Honestly, the official cosplay contest, which was won by that ridiculously sweet Grummgar, was a delight to behold. Some of the cosplayers we captured on the floor were actually part of the event, but the larger-scaled characters were saved for the big show. It's not hard to imagine why, given that wandering out on stilts all day would surely be too much for any one person to handle, let alone carrying all that additional costume weight. Still, we're glad the creative souls were able to mount up for the show.

Elsewhere on the floor this Star Wars Saturday, we saw a number of Reys, seemingly only outnumbered the Jedi Knights with no particular character affiliation. Rebel pilots weren't in short supply either, but given the number of Empire and Sith agents running around, we're kind of glad there were so many good guys to keep the peace. Especially with Dr. Aphra running around, causing chaos wherever she roamed.

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